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The stone railing production is used to imitate the name and the text of the stone archway, archway is the main bearing covered by the historical and cultural connotation in the three room above the archway, a plate member located on both sides of the main board called flower plate, which is mostly used for carving a variety of patterns, in order to foil card board, decorative highlight the archway.



Some stone railing manufacturers in order to reduce the resistance, to enhance the stability of production of stone railing and firm better, will also take the patterns on the board made of hollow engraved. The stone railing is one of the famous traditional architectural form, it has no other form of the architecture of the ancient and to the true beauty.
Like the old Beijing of the archway are all kinds of exquisite art form, common in relief, Yuandiao carving skills, ancient carving and stone carving art will be red for a stroke through the outline about carving in stone, let him become a super time more charm.
Interpretation of the natural movement, stone railing is natural to simply, do not need to repeat or other modification but can feel the true meaning of art. Set up the stone railings is a symbol of honor, can reveal the family, glorify and illuminate the ancestors. It is the highest praise of the people who have achieved achievements in virtue and merit, not only the individual, but also the glory of the family in which they are located.



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