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The reasonable protection of marble railings can reduce its damage. We know that the long time of marble railings will always be hurt. What we need to do is to protect well and reduce the damage. The protection of marble railings should follow the following principles:



For protection before, should be carried out on a certain understanding of the marble stone railing, baizhanbudai itself. We should know the specifications, materials, etc. of the stone. When we use marble railing stones, we should make special protection for them, mainly aiming at the causes of some stains, and choose different ways to protect them.
Select safe protectant, understand its composition, performance, and operate strictly safety instructions. Timely and regular protection. The marble railings need to be protected when they are processed and installed. The protection should be paid attention to in the use of the balustrade, and the professional team should be regularly requested for professional maintenance. The above is the principle of the protection of the marble railings we introduced, and we need to pay attention to it.



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