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Marble railing animal carving is very special, but its placement is also very important, especially for the lion carving restrictions, it also brings people luck. We have special attention to the stone carving of the marble railing animal. The stone carving lion is one of them.



Stone carving lions are different from other stone carvings. It is one of the people's attention, so more people pay attention to it. The lion came a species belonging to the auspicious, also is the king of beasts, with auspicious gas, also can be evil, however the lion in the stone industry developed, appeared in the stone lion.

If you put a small animal sculpture in your office, you have to set up a pair of money to help your money. To put the stone lion, is not random, it is about the place. It is easy to put in the northwest, and the lion heads are suitable for rush outside the house. Therefore, placing marble lions and stone lions is very important. Sometimes, placing them in order is incorrect, which is unfavorable for your future fortune.



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