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The choice of the white marble railings of western culture, western standard, Oriental culture has Oriental standard, Chinese culture China standard. The supreme spiritual realm of Chinese culture is the so-called "Tao". The saints said: "when he smells, the night is dead." And what is the Tao? Lao Tzu said: the Tao is unknown. So the saints are also hard to hear.



But, imitation of nature, so to win, Sumi Sopark. Portsmouth, without the processors also. Unprocessed stones can let a person see the road, no wonder China ancient high level and literati not Buddha worship stone. In fact, the stone is the Buddha (Figure 5), that is, the highest spiritual realm of Chinese culture can be seen on the ordinary stone.


It can be seen that stone culture is at the highest position in the whole Chinese visual culture. Now some domestic theorists emphasize sculpture stone materials are outdated, obsolete, aesthetic needs to keep up with the times, it is not to the realm of words, not to be taken as an example. Of course, if no one is to take care of it, only a stone is not an art.


The art of stone carving is a white marble railings and placed, so called stone carving art and stone culture. The stone carving art materials were simple and the skill of the most vulnerable to reflect Chinese Art beats nature. art spirit, this is other artificial materials carving art difficult to achieve.



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